A place of regeneration, healing and relaxation

A place of regeneration, healing and relaxation in the middle of the green, in the countryside, where visitors can expect a diverse, therapeutic range of individual sessions and treatments, as well as seminars and workshops.

The beautiful surroundings and nature on the Old Oder River and around Bad Freienwalde invite to extended excursions and hikes.



For women (with Anja Grossmann)

Women's Retreat May 2024
Women's annual group start September 30, 2024

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For men (with Felix Falkenhahn)

Men's retreat November 16-19 and Sept. 24
Men's annual training next dates: 17.3. and 14.4.

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Further dates

Relationship workshop for couples and singles October 7-8
with Anja Grossmann and Felix Falkenhahn

For information & appointment requests please contact us:

Dipl. Psych. Anja Grossmann
non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy
01590 60 41490

Individual sessions
Couples counseling
Women's groups

Felix Falkenhahn
alternative practitioner
0177 4 97 8768

Structural body therapy and massage
Gestalt therapy (body-oriented psychotherapy)
Couples counseling
Men's groups
Trainings & Retreats
Intensive support, coaching and sessions
in the turn 8 (6-24h)